Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Guess Who's Biiizzaacckkk?!?!?!!! Happy New Year...It's 2010 Bishez!!!

What's up everyone!! I hope you all had a blessed and fun filled holiday season, b/c I know I did!! WHOOT WHOOT!!!
I told myself I would be more productive, less lazy (if at all), and more consistent!! In 2009 I was the worst when it came to consistency...such a bad habit..SMH. Now thats it's 2010 I feel like I can start fresh and mean what I say and Do as I say!!
There is soooo many topics and updates I want to give but I dont want to overwhelm your I need info for the rest of the 
To start off my well awaited return, lets talk about... Whats poppin tonight!?!.................................

RECESS is the place to be on a Wednesday night!! The crowd is beautiful and sophisticated! Gotta Luv that, right?!? Well...Check it out!

im going to do some more updating later tonight and definitely tomorrow so stay tuned! Thanx xoxoxo

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