Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DC is POPPIN for a Tuesday Night!!! How u gonna act?!?!?

"Muzik is my Boyfriend!!!" Is my response to why I luv going to live shows or getting the newest of the new! I luv MUZIK, it never fails me, and it's LOYAL!
Let me give you the run down of whats going on tonight and next month, b/c I know some can't party the night away on such short notice...including myself! "Grad School ain't no joke folks" LOL

~Feb.23- Black Eye Peas and Ludacris are at Verizon Center, then having an after party at 9:30 club for 21+ crowd. ($20 entry for after party)
~Feb.23- International SUPER DJ: David Guetta will be at FUR tonight Rockin' the house all night! Tix are $40 (This is going to be the ultimate party!!!) If you can go then GO< I know I want to!!
~March 4- Wale and K'naan will be at 9:30 club...Im sure this will be a DOPE show!
~March 8- Kidz in the Hall and 88 Keys will be at 9:30 club....Definitely a BANGER!!
~March 28- Wiz Khalifa will finally be in DC at the 9:30 club...Can't Wait for this show! He's DOPE!! (one of the XXL top Freshmen picks).

Ok, I think that about sums up the rest of this month and next month! Enjoy and dance you heart out!! If you go I wanna hear about it!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

#Muzik & Fashion Monday: Grammy Editon

Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Rhianna,& Fergie....I like this dress better than Rhi Rhi Grammy dress #imjussayin...both were beautiful tho :-)

Keri looked Flawless!! Ok I LUV Bey I really do, but is it me or for the past year or two she's been performing the WRONG SONGS #C'monSon *sideeye*..."If I Were A Boy"? Why that song? I didn't get it...however i did like her version of Alanis Morsette "You Outta Know"....Im a huge Alanis Morsetter fan than so i could be bias *kanye shrug* ....Speaking of Kanye I missed him at the awards, I guess he really is taking a break :-( Oh and T. Swift needs to THANK Kanye for every single one of her awards and exposure *hmph* Give credit where credit is due BISH!!!
Fergie is WERKING the hell out of this dress!
Lady Gaga left me speechless! I LUV HER! WERK!!! By the way Giorgio Armani designed this one of a kind ;-)
Two of my FAVS *muah* Melanie Fiona & Asher Roth.
I just LUV these two, especially you know who (for those who know me personally...LOL) He is sooo amazing!! Drizzy made his dream come true, he performed at the Grammy's (w/ Wayne&Eminem), and get this...he performed with NO ALBUM out...WTF?!? You are the MAN!!! xoxoxo

What are YOUR THOUGHTS??? AGREE, DISAGREE, or you just DON'T KNOW?!?!?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thank God I'm Fly (T.G.I.F)

Well...Well...Well.......Two of my fav couples are giving me "STUDDED CHIC"!!! WERK!!!  Bey is werking those leather studded gloves while Kanye takes the cake with his Christian Louboutin studded loafers! I LUV IT!!......Now fellaz, if you could... would you ROCK the loafers?!? I wouldn't judge you if you did b/c in my opinion you would be the FLYEST dude out there!!! Defiitely have to have major STYLE and CONFIDENCE tho!!! #imjussayin

**Oh and I didn't comment on Amber b/c she's a bad bish regardless...she can rock whatever and not think twice** #yeahisaidit  LOL

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thirsty Thursdays *POW*!!!

Pic courtesy of Honeymag.

"It’s unexplainable. It soothes, it kills, it holds, it harms. It literally can grant life or death with one touch. And for this reason, many of us wear masks, metaphorically of course. Masks that cover insecurities. Masks that prevent #thatthing from capturing you in its relentless clutch. The fear of being hurt, for some, is far more important then the joy of being in love".

Wale has done it again!! He has graced us with his amazing outlook/words on #ThatThing...That Thing being LOVE *bats eyelashes*. Wale is on his journey to monogamy and that's a beautiful thing. I encourage you all to take a minute and read this prodigious article on the transition from having "jump-offs" to having that "one". DEEP SHYT INDEED!
Click here for some mind blowing penetration: http://www.honeymag.com/2010/uncategorized/go-go-answer-wale/

PPSSSSSSS......Tomorrow is FLY Friday! What are yooouuuuu wearing?!?!? ;-) xoxo

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thank God I'm Fly (T.G.I.F)....Pray for Haiti

Are you having a FLY Friday?!?.... Hope so. This is a looonngg weekend thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King. Monday is a holiday and some of our favorite artist out of the DMV will be performing at the 9:30 Club on January 18th. Doors open at 6pm. Tix go on sale at 2pm today for $20 to $100 and the proceeds go to Yele Haiti Foundation and Health Organization.
Performing is none other than WALE, Tabi Bonney, Uptown XO, Don Juan, Phil Ade, and King Pen Slim DMV's finest!!! Go support if you my FLY people xoxoxo

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New New Tuesday

All I have to say is FINALLY!!! VH1 has found a hit show (in my and many other opinions). "Let's Talk About Pep" is "Sex In the City" meets "Girlfriends"!! The premiere was last night at 10pm est. I can't wait til next Monday!! I like all the ladies! Pep is Carrie, Kitti is Samantha, Jacque is Miranda, and Jomanna (thats prob. mispelled) is Charlotte. lol...LUV IT!!! I will definitely be tuning in every week. Check out the trailer at: www.vh1.com/shows/lets_talk_about_pep/series.jhtml

pic:courtesy of VIBE

In other New~News: Look out! The most eloquent, artisttic, songtress, and poet Jilly from Philly is back baby!!! Her new project is titled "The Light of the Sun", it is set to drop Spring/Summer 2010. I don't know about anyone else but I am super excited!! Jill Scott will be among many other performers at the 2010 Lilith Fair Tour, celebrating women of all genres of music! Jill I missed you and I cant wait to see you live again, Luv, Your most loyal admirer xoxo

Oh and if you get a chance pick up "I Can Do Bad All By Myself"! The DVD and Blue Ray hit stores today!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

#Muzik Monday...Also don't forget about DC Restaurant Week 2010

My Muzik pick for today is "Look After You" by an awesome band by the name of The Fray! I also love the re-make they did of Kanye's "Heartless".

Also....Don't forget about Restaurant Week in DC!! It starts today people!! Enjoy :-)

If you dont know where you want to go...I've provided some of my fav's:
1. Art & Soul
2. B. Smiths-(Union Station)
3. Bangkok Joe's (Georgetown)
4. Co Co Sala *great date spot*
5. Flemings Steak House(Tysons Corner)