Monday, February 1, 2010

#Muzik & Fashion Monday: Grammy Editon

Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Rhianna,& Fergie....I like this dress better than Rhi Rhi Grammy dress #imjussayin...both were beautiful tho :-)

Keri looked Flawless!! Ok I LUV Bey I really do, but is it me or for the past year or two she's been performing the WRONG SONGS #C'monSon *sideeye*..."If I Were A Boy"? Why that song? I didn't get it...however i did like her version of Alanis Morsette "You Outta Know"....Im a huge Alanis Morsetter fan than so i could be bias *kanye shrug* ....Speaking of Kanye I missed him at the awards, I guess he really is taking a break :-( Oh and T. Swift needs to THANK Kanye for every single one of her awards and exposure *hmph* Give credit where credit is due BISH!!!
Fergie is WERKING the hell out of this dress!
Lady Gaga left me speechless! I LUV HER! WERK!!! By the way Giorgio Armani designed this one of a kind ;-)
Two of my FAVS *muah* Melanie Fiona & Asher Roth.
I just LUV these two, especially you know who (for those who know me personally...LOL) He is sooo amazing!! Drizzy made his dream come true, he performed at the Grammy's (w/ Wayne&Eminem), and get this...he performed with NO ALBUM out...WTF?!? You are the MAN!!! xoxoxo

What are YOUR THOUGHTS??? AGREE, DISAGREE, or you just DON'T KNOW?!?!?

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