Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New New Tuesday

All I have to say is FINALLY!!! VH1 has found a hit show (in my and many other opinions). "Let's Talk About Pep" is "Sex In the City" meets "Girlfriends"!! The premiere was last night at 10pm est. I can't wait til next Monday!! I like all the ladies! Pep is Carrie, Kitti is Samantha, Jacque is Miranda, and Jomanna (thats prob. mispelled) is Charlotte. lol...LUV IT!!! I will definitely be tuning in every week. Check out the trailer at: www.vh1.com/shows/lets_talk_about_pep/series.jhtml

pic:courtesy of VIBE

In other New~News: Look out! The most eloquent, artisttic, songtress, and poet Jilly from Philly is back baby!!! Her new project is titled "The Light of the Sun", it is set to drop Spring/Summer 2010. I don't know about anyone else but I am super excited!! Jill Scott will be among many other performers at the 2010 Lilith Fair Tour, celebrating women of all genres of music! Jill I missed you and I cant wait to see you live again, Luv, Your most loyal admirer xoxo

Oh and if you get a chance pick up "I Can Do Bad All By Myself"! The DVD and Blue Ray hit stores today!!

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