Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Toast to Tuesday!!! DC Hot spot tonight is... "The White House Goes Hollywood"!

Who's invited you ask?!? The State Dinner this year is in honor of the Prime Minister of India (who is a vegeterian). With those invited the "Slumdog Millionaire" stars will be in attendance as well as the rest of Hollywood big shots, such as Oprah, film master mind Steven Spielburg, Music Bo$$ David Geffen, and of course Robin Roberts from "Good Morning" on ABC with coverage. A total 320 of "Who's Who" is invited this year...too many for everyone to actually be inside so the "IT" party will be on the South Lawn.
So I'll be looking for my invite next year Mr. & Mrs. President Obama!!! *sidenote*...Heard you were in charge of the guestlist too Mrs. First Lady....*fistdap* lol WERK!!

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