Monday, November 23, 2009

#Muzik & Fashion Monday

Usually Mondays are just for muzik that moves me & you plus new muzik updates, but in-light of the AMA's last night ("Yes" I missed them due to a staff meeting *sad face*) but I did get to see some performances so I decided to feature my fav outfit from last night! I don't know about anyone else but Alicia's jacket had my attention asap! LUV'd IT!!! The entire performance made me have a "Fly Girl" (In Living Color) moment!! Can we say FLY Fashionista! OW!!!

My #Muzik Monday Pick is......
"Dear Jasmine" by Warren J Feat. Kid Cudi
Bonus Muzik: "Hurt" by Drake

These two fellaz hold a special place in my ears & heart! Thank you for the great muzik that you create and share with us *wink*


  1. You were not alone I loved that jacket! I missed them too but I seen this on the different sites & fell in love.... Def will be googling those songs! Your always keepin me in the know =)

  2. No prob hun! It's my duty to...u know the rest LOL

  3. I LOVED ALicia's Jacket as well...This year Fashion has been the highlight of life...WOW!! Come on 2010!!