Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hump Day! Let's get it Pop-Poppin!!! LOL *wink*

Pics via Upscalehype
So Fellas...What do yall think?!? Would you rock either of these getups?!? I wanna Everyone knows Christian Louboutin has dominated the woman's shoe market with his infamous RED BOTTOMS!!! Can he dominate the male casual sneaker game as well though...#Things that make you say mmmmm

Personal opinion.... I like them!! Christian actually wore the leopard pair at his Neiman Marcus signing event at Tysons last month. He loves talking about his creation...FYI....I had a lovely time waiting in line (trying on several pair)for about 4 hours with my fellow fashionistas, Dameka and Dana (Franky J)!!! ;-)
He definitely has a fly ass swag to him!

 His speical message and signature on my shoe box! <3


  1. to be honest I like them I think it's a step up from the traditional sneakers you see the fellas rockin nowadays, I just don't see my honey in them... real talk!

  2. I LOVE THOSE LEOPARD SHOES!!! And awww thanks for shout out girly, glad you enjoyed yourself. =)